Welcome to the official web site for BUM-DEE as well as its "public" debut.  What IS BUM-DEE?  BUM-DEE is a hybrid game of marbles, pure and simple.  Although BUM-DEE has been around and known to a handful of people for some time, no record of its name or basic game framework could be located.  However, based on some cursory research, the game of BUM-DEE would appear to be an amalgamation of several better known marble games.  The game of BUM-DEE combines the marble games known as Rolley Hole (aka:  Three Holes), Ringer, Cherry Pit & "Hit and Span" into one very challenging and exciting game.  This web site has been created for the purpose of providing a forum by which others could share in the BUM-DEE experience year round.

Although historical data and origins are always being collected,  the current origins and history known thus far is that El J Ware (also known simply as Granddad) played this game as a kid in the early 1900's.  Later in life, El J (pronounced "EL-JAY") taught his children to play BUM-DEE.  It was said that he preferred BUM-DEE over the better known marble game called "keeps" because "keeps" was too much like gambling.  Much later in the century, El J passed the game down to a handful of grandchildren and younger family members.  Little did anyone know the impact this game would have on us or how long it would continue to be played.  If you or someone you know has additional information regarding BUM-DEE and it's origins, please email history@bum-dee.com

ROLL CREDITS!  This is the place were we say thanks to those who have contributed to the continued "structured" life of this game.  Thanks to the efforts of key family members, BUM-DEE has not only stayed alive but has flourished as a part of our heritage.  Let's not forget the participants... there are many people, primarily friends and family, who have kept this game alive by simply being a part of the games for the past 20+ years.  As of late, Carla has been the primary coordinator for the annual championships.  Philip is credited as having been the first to formalize the rules of BUM-DEE by setting them down on paper.  One benefit of this being that "friendly" disputes could be kept friendly (did we mention that BUM-DEE is competitive?).  Thanks Carla, Philip, Gorman, Vicki for all your work and for all the others who contribute each year to keep this game going.  

Please take this opportunity to look around at the website.  On a personal note, you are invited to click on the link entitled "dedication" to learn a little more about the man known as Granddad.  Afterwards we suggest you click on the link above entitled "the game".  If you have any questions or would like to comment on this site, please click on the "contact" link above.  Have fun!


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